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   Environment Pollution in India
   Global Warming
   Plastic Bag Pollution in the country
   Air pollution and our Health
   Protect our Planet from Plastic pollution
   Large scale illegal mining in India
   Noise pollution
   Light pollution
   National Air Quality Index launched
   UN Climate Summit 2014
   Environment Pollution in Mumbai
   Environment Pollution in Delhi
   Environment Pollution in Kolkata
   Mobile tower radiation in India
   Plants reduce indoor air pollution
   World Oceans Day 2012
   World Environment Day 2016
   World Ozone Day 2015
   The impact of climate change on Economy
   Green house gases and climate Change
   Environment Laws in the country
   The Environment (Protection) Act of India
   Copenhagen climate summit
   Indian spiritual leaders - care of nature
   Noise and Air Pollution in Indian cities
   Environmental Worst Man-Made Disasters
   Earth Day 2015
   North Pole might be free of ice 
   India to have Environment Courts
   Bishnoi an environmentalist community 
   Global environmental hazards on health
   Fog over Indian cities
   Electronic Waste Adds to Pollution in India
   Google goes for the green
   Bhopal gas tragedy
   WHO guidelines for indoor air quality
   The National Green Tribunal of India
   Efforts to reduce environment pollution
   UN Climate Summit 2011 in Durban
   The Environment Pollution News
   The Earth Hour 2015
   UN 's IPCC report on Climate Change 2014

National Air Quality Index launched

June, 9,2016: Air pollution cuts life of Indians by average 3.4 years: study


  The Environment Pollution News

  Earth Hour

 World Ozone Day 2016

  WHO guidelines for indoor air quality

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