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  West Bengal

  Indian Railways

Indian Railways News
Railway Budget 2014-15

  Indian Airways

August 12, 2015: Jet Airways announced a flat 30% discount in flights

  Indian Airways News

Mothers Day 2015


  Sania Mirza

Raksha Bandhan 2015

Women News

Economy & Consumers


Wednesday, August 26, 2015
BSE 25714.66 (-317.72)
NSE 7791.85 (-88.85)
USD 65.12/65.13
Euro: 75.80/75.81
Pound 103.48/103.49
Gold (10gm)  27100
Ornm (10gm) 25800
Silver (kg) 36600


 Union Budget (2015-16)

  Indian stock market

  Retail inflation

August  15, 2015: Inflation falls to -4.05 pc in July

 Economy Consumers

 Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020

Chess helps school kids

  Game: Chess

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 A 16-year-old Indian designed a search engine 47% more accurate than Google


   Prime Minister Narendra Modi in UAE

  August 20, 2015: Clean Ganga mission: Aircraft likely to be used for mapping the river

  Ganga River News

August 25, 2015: Unauthorised Sand Mining on Yamuna Riverbed


   Agriculture Technology


Amla full of Vitamin C

Neem: a medicinal tree

Amla full of Vitamin C

Ashwagandha: Medicinal Plant

Tulsi a medicinal Plant

Mango the fruit and medicine


  World Environment Day 2015

  China air pollution

August 20, 2015: China air pollution far worse than thought: Study

The Environment Pollution News

 Environment Pollution in India

 August 18, 2015 : Research confirms sweetgrass as bug repellent

 Medicinal Plants News

Ebola virus disease

World Asthma Day 2015

August 20,  2015 :Onion is good for health

 Health News

Clean and safe water

Water-born diseases

River water unsafe for drinking without treatment: Survey.

Bottled water industry in India

   Child Sexual Abuse

  August 08, 2015: Bengaluru police rescues 190 children under Operation Smile

  News on Children

July 02, 2015  UGC releases list of 21 bogus varsities

I am a Kalam an inspirational movie

 Education news

   Indian Railways

   Railway Budget 2015-16

      Indian Railway

 August 05, 2015:  29 dead in train derailments in MP 

 News Renewable Energy

Cartoons by Pankaj Goswami: August 02, 2015

  Hindi Section

  Spirituality & Religion

    Lord Shiva

Shravan the most holiest Month

Raksha Bandhan 2015

 General Articles

 Mahtma Gandhi

Sunita L. Williams

Taj Mahal

and more...


  About Rajasthan

Jaipur Metro rail

Solar Energy in Rajasthan 

 Thar Desert 

Churu District (चूरू जिला)

General News

Agriculture News

Children News

Education news

Health News

Churu District News

Senior Citizen

80 years old woman Penka Baleva jumps off one of Europe  highest bridges

Heart disease in old age

Common Diseases in Old Age

 The air we breathe in Kolkata

August 01, 2015: Rising Sea Level threaten to wipe out Sundarbans tiger habitat: IUCN

  West Bengal News

July 25, 2015: Rajasthan government mulls inland port in Jalore

 Rajasthan news...

 July 25, 2015: Heavy rains lash parts of Churu

  Churu District News

 Sparrows are disappearing

August 9, 2015: Govt notifies Sanctuary for flamingos along Thane creek

  Wildlife News


Brain-training apps to keep your mind sharp

  Sunder Pichai

Sundar Pichai is new CEO of Google

Information Technology News

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