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Ganga water carries poisonous chemicals


  Ganga water carries poisonous chemicals

     Ganaga river

New Delhi, June 28, 2014: According to water samples collected by the Department of Atomic Energy's National Centre for Compositional Characterization of Materials (NCCM), the river is suffused with Chromium 6 metal.

The NCCM works under the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and is located in Hyderabad.

"Chromium is essential as well as toxic. The toxic form of chromium is hexavalent chromium. We have determined its content in the Ganga water collected during Kumbha Mela. It was 1 ng/ml, almost 50 times the permissible limit," NCCM head Dr Sunil Jai Kumar, was quoted as telling a leading newspaper.

Also, people living along the river's course and taking dip in the holy water are more susceptible to exposure to such high levels of chromium and develop cancer.

The study also revealed that the river water carries poisonous chemicals mainly coming from the Kanpur tanneries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to rejuvenate the Ganges on priority basis. Let us hope that the river revered as the source of life, is finally cleaned up of its mess. Source: .

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   Ganga water carries poisonous chemicals

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Ganga Manthan to make cleaning up Ganga

NEW DELHI, June 14, 2014: The government will hold 'Ganga Manthan' here in the national Capital early next month to take their views along with suggestions of environmentalists, water conservationists, NGOs and local elected representatives. Their views\suggestions will subsequently be shared with a Committee of Secretaries (CoS) who have been working on a comprehensive plan to develop the river.

"Idea of the 'Ganga Manthan' is to bring all concerned citizens, including 'sadhus' and 'saints', at one platform where they can exchange their views and suggest ways and means to rejuvenate the river," said water resources minister Uma Bharti.

She said though this programme would be called 'Ganga Manthan', it will include discussions over Yamuna and other important rivers of the country which need to be cleaned and developed on priority basis. Consultations would be held with non-governmental groups, sadhus, or Hindu holy men, living near the river, "priests carrying out various rituals around it", scientists and politicians, she said. Emphasizing that the river cannot remain clean unless every citizen cooperates, she said her ministry would approach the issue by making the Ganga rejuvenation plan a 'Jan Andolan' (people's movement).

"We will make cleaning up Ganga a people's movement, in keeping with the vision of the prime minister," Uma Bharti, minister for water resources, river development and Ganges rejuvenation in Modi's cabinet, told reporters on Thursday.

"We are seeking the help of everybody. We are looking for a huge mass movement," added Bharti, who stoked sectarian controversy in the 1990s over her part in the demolition of a mosque in the northern city of Ayodhya.

She promised to come up with detailed proposals in a month and a half for the project, dubbed "Ganga Manthan". In the Hindi lexicon, manthan signifies a deep contemplation and churning of facts that leads to enlightenment.

A day after his election victory last month Modi traveled to Varanasi to observe a fire ritual in honour of the sacred river.He vowed to clean up India, starting with Varanasi, widely considered Hinduism's holiest city, topin time for the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth in 2019.

Environmental experts have expressed cautious hope that a basin-wide approach advocated by Modi, involving northern states and neighbouring Nepal and Bangladesh, would help address issues like reduced meltwater flows into the river caused by the progressive retreat of Himalayan glaciers. Uma Bharti, dismissed media reports that the government would ban spitting in the Ganges as an "attempt to belittle our serious initiative"


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