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   Common Diseases in Old Age
   Age related eye diseases
   Prevent falling in old age
   Oral health of older people
   Motivating quotes on elders
   Herbal remedies for Old Age Diseases
   World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
   Google to tackle aging
   Laughing makes older adults brain work better
   Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature
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   Benefits given to senior citizens  in India
   Heart disease in old age
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   Senior Citizen Act, 2007
   Senior Citizens help
   Senior Citizen Home - Apna Ashiana
   Live Gracefully
   Evergreen actor Dev Anand
   International Day of Older Persons 2014

   Removal of Certain Genes May Expanded Lifespan by 60 Percent

   Heart disease in old age

  A great respect to her 90-year-old mother by India's next prime minister

  Age related eye diseases

Older Brains Know More and Use it Better as We Age

 Benefits given to senior citizens  in India




   Oral health of older people

    More Old age related stories

     Green tea and raw fish key to old age

  Alkaline water is very beneficial to a longer life

  Anti-ageing pill that extends lifespan

  Simple exercise, social contact slow aging

   Exercises to help older people keep fit

   Mental training methods in old age

   Heart attacks by air pollution in old age



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