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Removal of Certain Genes May Expanded Lifespan by 60 Percent


October, 18, 2015: For the last ten years, scientists have been attempting to identify the genes that cause aging in humans. And after recent tests done on various strains of yeast, they found that there are 238 genes that, when removed, significantly increase the lifespan of the yeast cells. In some circumstances, the lifespan of the cells was increased by as much as 60 percent.

Brian Kennedy, a lead author of the study and president and CEO of the Buck Institute of Research on Aging in the US, explained the yeast cell study in his words, saying, “This study looks at aging in the context of the whole genome and gives us a more complete picture of what aging is. It also sets up a framework to define the entire network that influences aging in this organism.”

The University of Washington helped the Buck Institute with the study and together they monitored the development of nearly 4,700 yeast cell strains. Exactly one gene was deleted from each strain, after which the time it took each strain to replicate was Unknown closely monitored. Scientists were reportedly looking specifically at how many daughter cells the mother cells could produce by cell division.

We just need to determine which genes are capable of being safely altered or removed. One gene called LOS1 that helps build proteins in our bodies seems to have a lot to do with it.

In the end, this long and tedious study of yeast cells produced results. Though some of the 238 genes identified were already known to be linked with aging, 189 of them are new finds.


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Amitabh Bachchan pays visit to his 86-year-old Onscreen Mother

         Amitabh with Sulochana

Amitabh Bachchan the most loved Bollywood actors recently visited his onscreen mother of several films, Sulochana, on her 86th birthday.

Sulochana also essayed the mothers's role of almost all the leading actors like Manoj Kumar, Dev Anand and Mehmood.

The 72-year-old actor took to micro-blogging website Twitter and shared: "Sulochana ji happy 86th birthday! Played my Mother in endless films! Went to her home and greeted her! Sulochana ji, Mother to so many leading men in films - soft gentle and endearing... 86th birthday!".

They have been seen together in films like Faraar, Roti Kapda aur Makaan and Yaarana. The Deewar star also shared several photographs of him taking the actress' blessing by touching her feet.

"Badon ka aashirwaad! Sulochana ji ka janm divas , 86 saal! Maa ki bhumika kitni baar nibhayi filmo mein! (Elder's blessing. She played the role of my mother in films many a times)," he added.- IANS


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