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Indian Railways launches SMS Gateway for PNR status updates


Indian Railways launches SMS Gateway for PNR status updates

    Railway minister Kharge

New Delh, April 3, 2014: Indian Railways has added another innovative scheme called the ‘SMS Gateway’, which will enable passengers to get SMS alerts on the status of reserved tickets. The ‘SMS Gateway’ developed by the Centre for Railway information Systems (CRIS), an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Railways, was launched by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.

The ‘SMS Gateway’ project will be used to send SMS alerts to passengers in case of status change in the PRS tickets, as compared to the initial booking status (For eg. W/L to RAC, RAC to CNF, W/L to CNF). SMS alerts prior to chart preparation will be sent once a day, in case of status change only, beginning from 5 days before the journey date. The SMS alerts after chart preparation (which is normally done 3-4 hours before train departure), will convey the actual Berth No., Coach No. and RAC No. for those passengers whose final Charting status has changed as compared to the initial booked status. In case of any ticket upgradation or seat re-allotment also, SMS alerts will be sent.

It is estimated that a large of SMS alerts will be sent on daily basis (approx. 4 lakh), hence the system will be made online in phases. Initially, the system would be configured for sending post-chart alerts in a few selective Rajdhani trains, followed by other Mail Express trains. Subsequently the pre-chart alerts will be enabled.

This facility will greatly reduce the last minute enquiry rush on the PRS websites and Call Centre as well as reduce the crowding near the pasted Chart locations on the Railway Platforms. This service will be provided free of cost to the users. Till now passengers can find about their PNR status through website enquiries or Call Centre (139) or IVRS or SMS enquiry.

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