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The image of first Indian railways 4-anna stamp released in 1937 depicts a portrait of King George VI. A steam loco of East Indian Railways along with mail cars. The 4 Anas stamp was released on 23-08-1937.

  indian railways 4 anans stamp

 The image of first India's first rail run of 2-anna stamp  on April 16, 1853  with 14 railway carriages, 3 locomotives Sindh, Sultan and Sahib  left Bombay. The 2-anna stamp  depicts 2-2-2T 'Express' of 1853 and WP-1 of 1953 was released on 16-04-1953. 

  indian railways 2 annas stamp

 The issue of  First Postage Stamp on October 1, 1954, to celebrate the Centenary of India Postage Stamps, the Post Offices Department issued four commemorative stamps, in denominations of 1 anna, 2 annas, 4 annas and 14 annas, depicting the different modes of carrying mails during these 100 Years. The stamps were issued on 01-10-1954.

  indian railways first stamp

The 8-anna stamp depicts 2-8-2 class WG steam loco built at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) a premier production unit of Indian Railways is situated in Chittaranjan, 250 Km.  from Kolkata. The production activity of Locomotive Works at Chittaranjan  started on 26th January 1950. The 8-anna stamp was issued on 26-01-1955.

  indian railways stamp of 1955

The image of earliest engines employed in India, a  2 Rupees stamp was issued  on 15-05-1976. The first engine of this type was entered in service in 1853. 

  indian railways 2 rupees stamp

 A stamp on the centenary of Darjeeling Himalayan railways was issued on 18-12-1982.  The stamp features 0-4-0 T Darjeeling Himalayan loco and passenger cars. The eternal Darjeeling- Himalayan Railway line having a two feet wide track, links Darjeeling to Siliguri, a distance of 87.48 Kms.

  indian railways stamp on 1982
The 400p stamp features the early broad gauge 2-8-2 steam engine of 1890 issued on the centenary of South Eastern Railway on 28-03-1987.      indian railways stamp on 1890 
The 200p stamp depicts an electric engine and passenger cars on a viaduct issued on the centenary of South Eastern Railway on 28-03-1987.       indian railways stamp on 1987
 The 800p stamp issued on 01-05-1998 on the completion of the construction of Konkan Railway on January 26,1998 in the golden jubilee year of Indian independence. The Konkan Railway crossing the route involved building 92 tunnels, 172 bridges,2819 minor bridges and 59 stations.    indian railways stap on 1998
The 1500p  stamp issued on 06-05-2000 on the completion of 100 years of Railways in Doon valley. Work on the track and buildings was completed by early 1900  and the line was opened for traffic on 1st March 1900.     indian railways stamp on 2000

India observed an year long celebration in 2002-03 to mark the 150 anniversary of India's first train journey. The Postal Department issued the commemorative stamp and the first miniature sheet in Indian railways of domination of 1500p on 16-04-2002.

  indian railways stamp on 2002-2003
The 500p  stamp issued on 09-11-2003 on the completion of 100 years of Kalka Shimla Railways. On 9th November 1903, a 96 km. railway line was launched in the limestone and shale rocks of the Shivalik Hills. The toy train passes on the line laid on sharp curves, passes over 864 bridges and through 102 tunnels using a narrow gauge of two feet and six inches.  Indian railways stamp on 2003

The 200p multicolor stamp shows an over view of the Kalia Bhomora Bridge across the Brahmaputra river in Tezpur was issued on 14-04-1987. KALIA BHOMORA after whom the bridge has been named was a prominent figure of the 18th century in the history of Assam.

  indian railways stamp on 1987



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